Without solid audition skills and experience, an actor’s career in non-existent. Our goal is to get you ready to work as soon as possible. Knowing how to “book a room” is a vital skill that all actors need to develop and perfect if you ever want to make it on set.

While there is much outside of our control when it comes to the casting & booking process, being well-prepared and confident when called on can only tip the scales in your favour.

Our approach is designed to provide an opportunity for working and aspiring actors to practice, refine and get feedback on their audition and performance skills, so they can leave a positive and lasting impression on all the right people.

Attending regular training with Ayisha will give you the tools you need to break down your audition sides, analyze/develop your character and create a compelling performance by identifying beats, cadence and opportunities to make unique choices.


Mentoring & Consulting

Serious about starting a film & TV career for yourself or your child? Need to put together a package and solicit agents? Looking to focus on improving a specific element of your acting or prep?

Consulting and private coaching is the way to go!


Other Services

  • Headshots

  • Actor Portfolio

  • Career Planning

  • Parental Guidance

  • Specialized Workshops